LVL is proud to be a part of FUSE33 Makerspace! The facility is a combination of shared and leased space that allows members and partners to bring their ideas to life. Our community hosts a suite of shop spaces catering to wood, metal, electronics, advanced mfg and much more. Our community tool library provides easy access to a range of hand and power tools. Within this facility, our members and partners are granted access to a variety of high-end equipment and an opportunity to share knowledge with all of our brilliant occupants.



Woodshop heaven. Table saw, router table, CNC router, and much more.


Metal SHOP

MIG & TIG welding stations, horizontal band saw, manual milling machine, and everything else you need to make the sparks fly.


The lab space for sparky's and designers. 3D printer, laser engraver, 3D CAD software, soldering station, and all the odds and ends needed for prototyping.

Tool Library

Hand tools, drills, and everything you would find in grandpa's tool chest at your disposal. Bits and blades not included.


Detailed equipment lists coming soon...